EM12c ConfigStateMgr:798 errors (storage_reporting_data)

After deploying a number of Cloud Control agents recently, a few of the agents started generating critical events with a nasty looking (and unhelpful) error message:

Target type=Agent
Target name=[host]:[port]
Message=Internal error detected: java.lang.IllegalStateException:oracle.sysman.gcagent.target.interaction.execution.ConfigStateMgr:798.

Whilst the error above isn’t too friendly, it stems from errors with the collection of storage metrics.  Further details are logged under the agent’s home:


(grep for “storage_reporting_data”)

This is published as bug 13547855 in MOS and can be easily resolved by doing the following:

export AGENT_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/agent12c
cd $AGENT_HOME/agent_inst/sysman/emd/state/configstate/host/*

tar -cvf storage-xmls.tar storage_*.xml
rm storage_*.xml

After a while, you should find that the errors stop 🙂

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