Error stopping the blackout ORA-20708 in EM11g Grid Control

This post explains how to resolve a blackout in an inconsistent state, when you trying ending it from within Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g, and see the following message:

Error stopping the blackout “Blackout-06-Jun-2012 13:55:32”: ORA-20708: The start of the blackout is currently being processed ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.MGMT_BLACKOUT_ENGINE”, line 3394 ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.MGMT_BLACKOUT”, line 74 ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.MGMT_BLACKOUT_UI”, line 1534 ORA-06512: at line 1 .

1. Shutdown the agent on the target server:

$AGENT_HOME/emctl stop agent

2. Remove the blackouts.xml file from the agent’s home:

rm $AGENT_HOME/sysman/emd/blackouts.xml

3. Obtain the blackout name from within the EM console (by looking at the error message above)…

Error stopping the blackout “Blackout-06-Jun-2012 13:55:32”

4. Login into your EM repository database as SYSMAN and execute the following SQL (using the name of your blackout):

conn sysman@emrep

select BLACKOUT_NAME, BLACKOUT_GUID from sysman.mgmt_blackouts
where BLACKOUT_NAME = 'Blackout-06-Jun-2012 13:55:32';

BLACKOUT_NAME                         BLACKOUT_GUID
------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Blackout-06-Jun-2012 13:55:32         18A91BE690D547E56FA67F47C4857274

At this point, you’ll need to refer to MOS note 421053.1 and install the EMDiag kit, unless you already have it installed of course.

5. Once that’s done, execute the following procedure (passing in the appropriate BLACKOUT_GUID):

exec mgmt_diag.KillBlackout(HEXTORAW('18A91BE690D547E56FA67F47C4857274'));

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

6. Finally, restart the agent on your target machine and give it a few minutes or so to re-sync.  You should then find that the blackout has cleared 🙂


Cannot stop blackout “null”: ORA-20703: ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.MGMT_BLACKOUT_UI” [ID 740619.1]
EMDIAG Troubleshooting Kits Master Index [ID 421053.1]


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