How to prevent the “Page Expired” message from appearing in EM12c

After moving to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, one of the annoyances I soon discovered was this message “The page has expired. Click OK to continue”.

When you’re not actively using the console, it doesn’t take long before the message appears, which is especially annoying when you have the performance monitoring pages running in the background!

According to Oracle it’s a new security feature within the EM12c console:

To prevent unauthorized access to the Cloud Control console, Enterprise Manager will automatically log you out of the Cloud Control console when there is no activity for a predefined period of time. For example, if you leave your browser open and leave your office, this default behavior prevents unauthorized users from using your Enterprise Manager administrator account.

…but with today’s browser behavior all that really happens is the page reloads after you click OK anyway!

So, here’s how you disable it:

export OMS_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/middleware/oms12c/oms
cd $OMS_HOME/bin

Disable the feature altogether with ‘-1’ value (it’s null by default), or enter another value (minutes) if for some reason you want to increase it:

./emctl set property -name oracle.sysman.eml.maxInactiveTime -value -1 -sysman_pwd sysman_password

Restart your OMS(es) to reflect the changes:

./emctl stop oms
./emctl start oms

4 thoughts on “How to prevent the “Page Expired” message from appearing in EM12c

  1. Hey Peter. How can I do this when I’m using another user? For example, a user specific for monitoring team. Thanks.

    • It’s a global change Andrey, so will apply to all users – I’m not aware of a method where it can only be applied to specific users, sorry.

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